Green Eating

So just like the average American, I felt tired, bloated, and had joint pain.  Keep in mind I kept thinking to myself…”I’m in my late 20’s very close to being 30 and I should not have joint pain this young.”


I tried dieting, cutting and counting calories, running, weights but with a 7am to 4pm M-F , plus commuting job- it was really difficult to stay consistent with the gym.

Turns out – my body was tired of all the junk and lack of sleep I was giving it. I thought I was eating healthy but organic fruits and vegetables have so many more nutrients than non-organic. And I was not eating organic.

There are recipes of green smoothies all over the internet but I’m just going to tell you about the ones I made.

  1. Kale Smoothie- Kale, Pears and Pineapples, and cucumbers

Kale and pearpineapple

2. Creamy Smoothie- This one was my dinner smoothie replacement, I used avocado, coconut water, kale, spinach, and mango. You can see the image below it’s really creamy!

avocado kale

3. Kale Berry- Kale, Spinach, blue berries, strawberries, and pineapples


I thought I was going to be hungry by replacing a smoothie for breakfast and dinner but I wasn’t, in fact, I felt really full.  Make sure you add extra fruits to your dinner smoothie to make it thick. I’ll have a smoothie for breakfast, then for lunch some meat with veggies and a small portion of pasta.

When I come home from work, I’ll have a snack like a boiled egg or organic veggie chips and then about by 6 pm I’ll have my smoothie and go to bed by 8 pm.

I don’t feel deprived from foods or as if I’m starving myself at all. I actually think my body is tired of digesting so much food and needed a break. Of course, I’m not a doctor or dietitian so all of this is from my personal experience. 

As far as the kitchen tools you need, I would say a regular blender, knifes for chopping your fruit and veggies. You can find affordable items at amazon or even your local market.

Feel free to post comments or just any other tricks that you have tried to keep a healthy lifestyle.