My Green Smoothie Adventures

So just like the average American, I felt tired, bloated, and had joint pain. Keep in mind I kept thinking to myself…”I’m in my late 20’s very close to being 30 and I should not have joint pain this young.”


I tried dieting, cutting and counting calories, running, weights but with a 7am to 4pm M-F job it was really difficult to stay consistent at the gym.

Turns out my body was tired of all the junk and lack of sleep I was giving it. I thought I was eating healthy but organic fruits and vegetables have so many more nutrients than non-organic. And I was not eating organic. 😦

There are recipes of green smoothies all over the internet but I’m just going to tell you about the ones I made.

  1. Kale Smoothie- Kale, Pears and Pineapples, and cucumbers

Kale and pear

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2. Creamy Smoothie- This one was my dinner smoothie replacement, I used avocado, coconut water, kale, spinach, and mango. You can see the image below it’s really creamy!

avocado kale

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3. Kale Berry- Kale, Spinach, blue berries, strawberries, and pineapples


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I thought I was going to be hungry by replacing a smoothie for breakfast and dinner but I wasn’t, in fact, I felt really full.  Make sure you add extra fruits to your dinner smoothie to make it thick. I’ll have a smoothie for breakfast, then for lunch some meat with veggies and a small portion of pasta.

When I come home from work, I’ll have a snack like a boiled egg or organic veggie chips and then about by 6 pm I’ll have my smoothie and go to bed by 8 pm.

I don’t feel deprived from foods or as if I’m starving myself at all. I actually think my body is tired of digesting so much food and needed a break. Of course, I’m not a doctor or dietitian so all of this is from my personal experience. 

As far as the kitchen tools you need, I would say a regular blender, knifes for chopping your fruit and veggies. You can find affordable items at amazon or even your local market.

1. The Famous Super Blender- I have the crappy version 😦 you can get a better version on amazon

Feel free to post comments or just any other tricks that you have tried to keep a healthy lifestyle.


Photography and Seeing the World is my Passion

Hello There friends!

I was thinking about how I love capturing moments and I really would like to see more than just the Western Hemisphere.  My French teacher once told me that if I don’t travel it’s like only read one page on the book.  I would have to agree with her.  I’ve been freelancing photography for about 6 years now and I think it’s time to take it to the next level. Feel free to check out my site

So I’m starting to make a plan on how I can travel the world and keep my job…. Or maybe travel the world and work at the same time?  O how about getting together with magazine or big publisher, I know there’s several groups out there that want photographs from other countries and often publish them on books for educational purposes. A really amazing site I found called photographers without borders  I was amazed to see this awesome site existed! They are are affiliated with National Geographic and other important and well known groups.

But that’s not all, I also ran into several traveler bloggers on Instagram named Caz and Craig, they are amazing! I’m learning how I can create revenue while traveling 🙂 !!!


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This is a picture I took in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Remember to do something different today and get out of your comfort zone! Talk to you on my next coffee break!

take care,